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2022 India Mango Harvet Update

Here is the result of the forecast about the coming Mango season in India. We asked the professionals of IQF fruits in India to give their opinion. You can see their forecast about Quantity and Quality for the Kesar, Totapuri and Alphonso

2022 Egyptian Strawberry crop information

Here is Egyptian Strawberry crop information we have received. We share with you to let you make your vision of the business: What FrozenB2B Members say, coming back from Gulfood: Slow contracting cold weather price increases today freight costs increase Information from Green Fields Alex for Food industries – EGYPT : Quality for this season …

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2022 Indian Mango Crop News

2022 Indian Mango Crop News for Frozen Fruit Processing Alphonso Mango in India: outlook for quality and Volume – Very few cases of pest attacks reported– The 2022 should be a normal crop, we should have better quality and availability than 2021 crop Kesar Mango in India: outlook for quality and Volume – No sign …

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Pictures of 110 hectares of Sabrina Strawberry Variety Fields in Marrocco. DELIKEMAR From Descours SAS in KENITRA

Sabrina Strawberry

What is the professional market of IQF Raspberries for Suppliers and Buyers ?

IQF FROZEN RASPBERRY MARKET SPECIFIC POINTS : For the past 20 years, FrozenB2B has been facilitating the business of importers, traders, wholesalers, producers, manufacturers, processors, retailers, suppliers of IQF raspberries frozen. FrozenB2B is active worldwide, connecting buyers and suppliers. You can view, clicking on this link, the latest trade leads : The request for …

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A selling offer of IQF Haskap Haskap Berry is a superfruit with high polyphenolic content, especiallly anthocyanins. The orchard is in central poland. A large postglacial lake at a distance of several hundred meters, as well as woods, create a specific microclimate. Nutracevit offer this IQF Haskap organic : Organic haskap berry IQF, 14 BRIX, …


IQF Haskap


Chers amis, chers clients Notre beau département de l’Ardèche a revêtu ses couleurs d’automne, ces couleurs où les arbres se teintent de couleurs chaudes et flamboyantes, où le soleil vient illuminer les dernières journées d’un été qui voulait jouer les prolongations , ces couleurs où le rythme de la nature sublime tout. L’automne incendie les …

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Serbian #raspberry growers expect that this year’s price should start from RSD300/kg (USD3.10/kg), based on higher input prices

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How to contact IQF Food Buyers

We explain in this tutorial how to use FrozenB2B marketplace to contact and sell to IQF and Frozen Food Buyers : IQF herbs, IQF Fruits, IQF Vegetables, IQF potatoes, Frozen Prepared food, meat, fish…desserts… How to use the Frozen Food Marketplace? The third service frozen b2b marketplace is constantly collecting global, local business opportunities and …

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Iqf Mango Suppliers

Mr. Nguyen Thien from WESTFOOD Vietnam speaks about the Mango crop in Vietnam, ethical and sustainable certifications, export markets,…May 2021 Westfood have more than 30 years of exporting to fruit and vegetable industry Currently we have two mango varieties: the Kaew and the Cat Chu with the firm texture the Kaew is more suitable for …

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IQF Mango Frozen Vietnam

Iqf Blueberry Suppliers

Below you will find a list of suppliers, processors, producers, wholesalers, importers, traders, distributors Manufacturers of IQF Blueberries. We do have a supplier in the world wide, wherever you are. Suppliers can offer you a wide choices of frozen blueberry to your company. Some suppliers suggested these comments to help you find the right products …

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IQF Frozen Peach in Spain

In this interview, we speak with Zheni about the different varieties of Peaches in Spain, 2021 crop, the Spanish regions for peach, the frost…… Zheni works at World Food and Flavors, a global sourcing company with different offices in North America, Asia and Europe. Zheni thanks very much for joining us today on frozen b2b …

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