FrozenB2B memberships include everything sellers need to reach new IQF Frozen Food customers.

FrozenB2B enjoys a strong global reputation, thanks to our 20 000 frozen food professionals users. We select and publish everyday business leads. Buyers inform us about their Requests for Quote. We send a weekly newsletter to more than 4 000 IQF food professionals.

If you want to publish a selling offer, contact FrozenB2B team to study with you the most suitable service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this?

Every day, buyers are looking for your products, and every day, your job is to watch the markets, new opportunities, to find new buyers that you still don’t know to grow your business. Every day, FrozenB2B watch the market receive Requests for Quote from buyers and promote selling offers of its members. Stay updated, join FrozenB2B network, become a member.

How am I billed every month?

Bill payment occurs monthly and is entirely automated. You just make sure you have a valid credit card on file and we will take it from there. Your payment will be processed every month within a few days of your billing date.

Annual Membership?

If you can’t use a credit card for a monthly membership, we offer annual membership along bank transfer for payment.

Do you store our payment information?

No, this is done with our payment processor. When you enter your credit card details on our site, our payment processor securely collects your payment information and passes a token to our site to respond if payment is accepted. Our servers do not store your card info and using tokenization ensures that no sensitive card data ever needs to touch our server.

What else this plan includes?

Email marketing and Social Media is included. Once a week we keep you informed and more than 4 000 frozen food professionals in the world about the latest requests for a quote and we promote the selling offers of our members.

When can I stop the subscription?

You can cancel whenever you want your subscription with a minimum of 3 days before your renewal, in your account area. Please bear in mind that to stop your subscription generate new activating account fees when you want to renew it.

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