2021 IQF Frozen Mango Crop in India

Iqf Mango India Crop 2021

We welcome Mr Santosh More from Sahyadri Farms to speak about 2021 Mango Crop in India and new products of IQF Frozen Mango:

Here is our conversation :

Dear Santosh thanks very much for joining us today we will have the pleasure to speak about mango from india.

Thank you patrick

My first question is which variety do you process?

In our plant we process Alfonso, Kesar and Totapuri three varieties we process every season. Where do they come from in india? Alphonso and kesar of course from the western india Alfonso is also grown in south as well, but Totapuri is from the south part of india

And regarding to diced mango which variety do you use?

We use Totapuri variety for diced production, we do the cut size of 6 mm 10 mm 20 mm and 15 mm.

What is the packing ?

General packing we do is a 10k bulk cartons and for small pack we do 2.5 kilo poly bag and such four poly bags we
put it into a carton of 10 kilo

And how much volume do you process?

So for all in all three cut size we do almost approximately 1500 tons of iqf mango apart from that in frozen mango we do alfonso frozen mango puree which is packed in 200 kg drums

And my last question is do you have any plan to process organic mango ?

Oh that is question I was waiting for So we are planning to process some quantities of organic this year as well because at the moment our plant is under certification process hopefully before the new season starts we will have the certification and we’ll do some volumes this year well.

Dear Santosh thanks for all this information and we hope to speak with you soon regarding other products from india thanks a lot.

Thank you Patrick thank you so much