In this interview, we speak with Anne about the variety of Pineapple in Vietnam, 2021 crop, the ethical and sustainable certifications. Anne works at Westfood a processor of IQF FROZEN FRUIT in Vietnam

We are very pleased to welcome Anne from westfood.

Anne could you tell us which variety of pineapple do we find in Vietnam?
Oh thanks for your question for many years ago we used to produce iqf pineapple from Queen Victoria pineapple a local variety in our area and from 2015 we started importing md2 seedlings from central of america and cultivated in our local farms

Where do they come from?
We planted md2 pineapple in mekong delta the southern part in Vietnam. Plantation is twice larger than last year and the quantity will be around 2500 tons and this will be double after each year thanks to the favorable condition of soil and weather our farms are designated to be harvested all year around especially from july to october which is our peak season

How much volume do you process?
So we are planning to expand our plantation to around 1 000 hectares in the coming year to develop news items like concentrate or frozen dried pineapples

Any important point to add?
We always provide our farmer and farm the most favorable working condition and eco-friendly method of cultivation and besides our international food safety certificates like BRC FSSC 22000 we also help BSCI and participate in SEDEX organization.

Anne that was good to have you today on frozen b2b news and we hope to speak again soon with you. Thanks Anne. Thank you for having me today for your interview