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Welcome David, it’s nice to speak with you today. We are going to speak about avocado and Syros. Syros anticipated very early the boom of the avocado in europe and now is a major player in this field.

In a short sentence could you tell us more about Syros NV?

Thanks, yes, First of all thank you Patrice for your invitation.
Syros is a family company. It was the first in europe to import Avocado, frozen avocado products. It was 27 years ago, so it’s quite a long time. The first container was not so easy to sell but no we are one of the major player in the avocad,o frozen avocado business in europe

Which varieties of avocado and for which purpose?

We only use hass avocado because it’s the only one who are acceptable for food processing. Products are coming from mainly from South America. So we import our product from Mexico from Guatemala from Colombia, different sourcing countries because each supplier or suppliers are specialized in iqf or avocado pulp or guacamole, so we use their know how to be sure that we have the best product

Our sourcing is quite really strict on on our supplier and we want to have the best one so we have a long partnership with these people and we only work with specialized suppliers, in our mind sustainability is it’s a big point of what we are looking for.

How is the Crop ?

The new crop because they will start or they start they have start, we are working for september 21 and the crop is quite good.
Well thanks again for being with us and speak to you soon okay no problem and don’t hesitate to contact me or to visit our website at

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