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Here is the list of keywords searched on google from the 16th to the 24th of October 2022 iqffrozen fruitfrozen b2bfrozen blueberriesfrozen cranberriesfresh fruit importersleading importer and exporter of fresh fruitsfrozen fruit suppliersfrozen chips suppliersfruit concentrate suppliersfruit puree supplierberry suppliers south africafreeze dried strawberryfrozen food businessfrozen food suppliersfrozen vegetable suppliersfrozen vegetables marketiqf freezerlyophilized fruitvegetable suppliers …

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Ryan Gentel joining Tim Dohan at Bleuets Mistassini Ltée

ANNOUNCEMENT We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Ryan Gentel as Director of the Frozen, Juice, Puree and Concentrate Division. Ryan will initially be joining Tim Dohan at Bleuets Mistassini Ltée. and will be handling sales of IQF wild blueberries, purees and wild blueberry juice concentrate (WBJC). Over time, he will be in …

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Pricomreit – Statistical Reports

Pricomreit – Statistical Reports Consolidated by Month – Chilean and Peruvian Frozen, Fresh, Juices Concentrated, Canned-Preserved, Pulps, Dry and Dehydrated… Pricomreit ( reports the last Chilean and Peruvian consolidated by month export transactions, in PDF Customs and Excel including maritime shipment percentage–consignees.  Access to the ranking by exporters, varieties, destinations, vessels, volumes, and the FOB …

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2022 India Mango Harvet Update

Here is the result of the forecast about the coming Mango season in India. We asked the professionals of IQF fruits in India to give their opinion. You can see their forecast about Quantity and Quality for the Kesar, Totapuri and Alphonso

Broccoli 2022 Harvest in Egypt

Here are the first results about the poll on the Broccoli harvet in Egypt. This is the opinion of some FrozenB2B users. See the form hereunder, to vote. You can still participate to this poll about Broccoli and inform about your vision of the market Loading…

2022 Egyptian Strawberry crop information

Here is Egyptian Strawberry crop information we have received. We share with you to let you make your vision of the business: What FrozenB2B Members say, coming back from Gulfood: Slow contracting cold weather price increases today freight costs increase Information from Green Fields Alex for Food industries – EGYPT : Quality for this season …

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2022 Indian Mango Crop News

2022 Indian Mango Crop News for Frozen Fruit Processing Alphonso Mango in India: outlook for quality and Volume – Very few cases of pest attacks reported– The 2022 should be a normal crop, we should have better quality and availability than 2021 crop Kesar Mango in India: outlook for quality and Volume – No sign …

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Pictures of 110 hectares of Sabrina Strawberry Variety Fields in Marrocco. DELIKEMAR From Descours SAS in KENITRA

Sabrina Strawberry

What is the professional market of IQF Raspberries for Suppliers and Buyers ?

IQF FROZEN RASPBERRY MARKET SPECIFIC POINTS : For the past 20 years, FrozenB2B has been facilitating the business of importers, traders, wholesalers, producers, manufacturers, processors, retailers, suppliers of IQF raspberries frozen. FrozenB2B is active worldwide, connecting buyers and suppliers. You can view, clicking on this link, the latest trade leads : The request for …

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A selling offer of IQF Haskap Haskap Berry is a superfruit with high polyphenolic content, especiallly anthocyanins. The orchard is in central poland. A large postglacial lake at a distance of several hundred meters, as well as woods, create a specific microclimate. Nutracevit offer this IQF Haskap organic : Organic haskap berry IQF, 14 BRIX, …


IQF Haskap


Chers amis, chers clients Notre beau département de l’Ardèche a revêtu ses couleurs d’automne, ces couleurs où les arbres se teintent de couleurs chaudes et flamboyantes, où le soleil vient illuminer les dernières journées d’un été qui voulait jouer les prolongations , ces couleurs où le rythme de la nature sublime tout. L’automne incendie les …

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Daily Digest of Frozen IQF Food Opportunities Today we have received requests for a quote : IQF onions for UK, Frozen organic Fruits like frozen blueberries for Hong Kong, Frozen Avocado for Hong Kong, NFC orange juices for Italy, IQF Goat Cheese for UK

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Frozen Food News 28-09

IQF and Frozen Food News Snapshot Bernatello’s looking to expand frozen food business in Kaukauna – The Post-CrescentAppleton Post CrescentKAUKAUNA – Bernatello’s Foods is planning to expand its frozen food business in Kaukauna rather than in Minnesota, in part, due to an incentive package … Frozen Food Brands Tempt Consumers With D2C | PYMNTS.compymnts.comFrozen Food …

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Frozen Food News 16-09 Snapshot

16-09 IQF FROZEN FOOD NEWS CAULIPOWER Calls out the Competition for Their “Pizza Droop” in New Advertising … Yahoo Finance LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CAULIPOWER, the maker of America’s #1 cauliflower crust pizza, is putting other frozen pizzas on … Competition from frozen Malaysian durian puts Thai exports in prickly situation | The …

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Frozen Food Update 14-9

Hereunder, find a reader digest of today’s IQF Frozen Food News Purslane Ingredients – WholeFoods Magazine WholeFoods Magazine Van Drunen Farms has debuted organic IQF purslane for baked goods, dips, prepared foods, smoothies and soups. Grown on its US farms, IQF purslane … New business specializes in homestyle frozen meals – Rapid City Journal Rapid …

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Frozen Food Update

IQF Vegetables and Fruits Market Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies And Forecast up to 2027 Market Primes The IQF Vegetables and Fruits Sales report further described key segments of the market to help business, marketing executives, and customers know the … Food processing unit unveiled in Madhya Pradesh | Headlines – Devdiscourse Devdiscourse According to the government, …

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What is Frozen Schiacciata Focaccia ? An indulgent focaccia base with 10% extra virgin olive oil and remilled durum wheat semolina. Featuring a delicate crust and an aromatic interior.It’s the gourmet base you’ve been looking for: try it with Mortadella, pistachio grain and buffalo mozzarella. Also great on its own.Can be baked directly from frozen.NO …




What is Frozen Mini Focaccia ? This is a classic italian bakery product featuring durum wheat semolina and generously topped with Italian tomatoes, in a single serving size.Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil 8%.Easy to make – from freezer to oven (no thawing).Fantastic on its own as a “to go” meal.NO GMO- NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS/FLAVOURS …


Frozen Mini Focaccia


What is Filoncino Bread ? A crispy bread roll made with whole wheat flour. With a rich and hearty taste, it features a gentle crust and a dense interior. Ideal as a breakfast bread or to make a mini panini with cold cuts and vegetables.It can be baked straight from frozen.NO GMO- NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS/FLAVOURS …


Frozen Filoncino Bread


Serbian #raspberry growers expect that this year’s price should start from RSD300/kg (USD3.10/kg), based on higher input prices

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